Stainless Steel Strainer Set

Stainless Steel Strainer Set

  • BEST STRAINERS AT THE MOST AFF ORDABLE PRICE – Set of 3 Strainer & Sieve is a MUST-HAVE for every kitchen, whether domestic or commercial. Multiple sizes of 3.1″, 5.5″ and 7″ will cater to all your straining needs in the kitchen
  • QUICK & EASY – The fine mesh strainers enable quick draining of liquid from food with maximum ease. This strainer is great for washing, rinsing or draining tea, cocktails, almond milk, quinoa, grains, rice, fruit, berries, canned goods, beans, spaghetti, hamburger and tuna. You can also sift powdered sugar & flour for superior baking and cooking preparation.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN – Premier quality strainer is designed for ease of use and hold. Convenient handles provide excellent grip, wet or dry, to strain and rinse food for faster preparation and efficient cooking. Micro holes ensure you can strain the smallest grains with minimal loss!
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL will never rust and is dishwasher safe!
  • Good Experience -If you have any product’s problem or other related problems, please contact us as soon as possible, we will provide you with thoughtful service.

Stainless Steel Strainer Set

Set of three stainless steel mesh strainer is perfect for sifting and straining both wet and dry ingredients 2.75 inch small strainer can be used for straining tea, coffee or sifting flour, sugar, spices, etc. 4.72 inch strainer can be used to sift thick, clumpy dry ingredients such as baby cereals, ground oatmeal, salt, spices and more. 7 inch strainer can be used to sift any quantity of dry ingredients such as sugar, confectioner’s icing, cocoa powder, ground coffee beans and more Durable and high grade stainless steel.

Durable Craftsmanship

Durable and sturdy strainer won’t rust, corrode, bend or warp. The very fine mesh design ensures to catch the smallest of food grains, purees so that the final output required can be of top quality. It is a heavy duty tool with a tough built and greater flexibility to deliver superior performance every single time it’s in use.

Assembled with the Best

The heavy-duty long handles attached on each strainer is strong enough to carry a good amount of weight without bending so that you don’t need to empty it up when it still has space for more. The rivets are of top quality that won’t rust or loosen up. Also, the rounded rim framework is tightly put together to prevent small food bits from getting caught.

Storage Convenience

The Convenient Hanging Hole on each strainer provides quick and easy Storage assistance. Hang it in your kitchen cabinet, storage rack, etc. and always have it ready for use.
The thick hook on the strainer helps in providing a perfect balance and control to handle the weight put on it with comfort. Also, you can use the hook for hanging purpose.

Set of 3 in Multiple Sizes

Small Size:
– Dimensions: 2. 75-inch wide with a 2-inch bowl, 1.25-inch deep, 5-inch handle, 1.2 oz.
– Uses: The small size strainer is great for straining tea, coffee, cocktails or sifting spices, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, etc.

Medium Size:
– Dimensions: 4.72-inch wide with a 4-inch bowl, 2-inch deep, 5.12-inch handle, 2.2 oz.
– Uses: The medium size strainer is great for sifting dry, thick ingredients such as ground oatmeal, cereal, spices, salt, etc.

Large Size:
– Dimensions: 7-inch wide with a 6.38-inch bowl, 2.5-inch deep, 6.25-inch handle, 3.7 oz.
– Uses: The large size strainer is great for sifting large quantity of dry and wet ingredient such as cocoa powder, sugar, ground coffee beans, confectioners icing, pasta, vegetables and more.


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