Real Life health and fitness Journeys

Here we’re sharing some real-life stories about our journeys to better health and fitness. We’ve all been there, restrictive diets, eating poorly and not taking in enough exercise until we’ve decided to overhaul our habits. To help you make positive changes to your lifestyle we’re sharing real-life stories covering different fitness programmes and healthy eating regimes that have helped many women to build the bodies they want. We’re all about body positivity and here we’re delighted to scream about how you can love the body that you’re in. You’ll also find some real-life tips and tricks to go it alone and create your own healthy habits.

2000 Burpees for Bone Cancer Research Trust

2000 Burpees – Bone Cancer Research Trust!

The Bone Cancer Research Trust offers hope to those affected by primary Bone Cancer. They are the only charity dedicated to funding research and offering support for this disease. In November I will be completing 2000 burpees to raise funds for this amazing charity! Find out more about the 2000 Burpee Challenge and the Bone Cancer Research Trust here.

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