FitBeast 2.2-Litre Water Bottle – BPA Free

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC MATERIAL, HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE & FALL RESISTANCE: FitBeast large 2.2-litre water bottle is made of safe and eco-friendly Tritan plastic, which is certified by Eastman, and has no peculiar smell & is non-toxic. Drink your water with confidence using this 2.2-litre water bottle. FitBeast 2.2 litre water bottle has increased the wall thickness of the bottle body, it’s strong and suitable for (0℉-212℉) drinks temperature environment, high-temperature resistance, not easy to deform and break.
  • LEAK-PROOF DESIGN, WON’T LEAK WATER & ONE BUTTON TO DRINK = MORE CONVENIENCE: FitBeast has a new leak-proof design on the lid and the mouth of the water bottle 2.2l. The three-layer structure of the lid is sealed with eco-friendly silicone, so you can carry and drink at any times without leaking water. The easy-drinking lid allows you to open it with one button when you want to drink water, without having to unscrew the lid, which is convenient for drinking.
  • 2.2 L CAPACITY WITH 0.55L-2L MARKS WITH ML TO MEET YOUR DRINKING WATER NEEDS FOR A DAY: FitBeast gym water bottle is 2.2L and has a clear measurement standard (0.55L-2L), helping you drink water scientifically. Whether you are going to the gym, camping, travelling, pre and post work out, or other sports, it can meet your drinking needs to healthily Replenish water. The cup brush helps you easy to clean the water bottles.
  • HUMANIZED CUP BODY DESIGN WITH COMFORTABLE GRIP & IT’S EASY TO USE: FitBeast 2.2 litre water bottle body grip increases the internal space, and the entire grip isn’t crowded and more comfortable to hold. The strap for carrying the water cup has increased by 3 cm, making it more convenient to carry.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS, MORE HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES: FitBeast fitness water cups are as high-quality as other FitBeast fitness products, to provide customers with more perfect fitness product solutions. We also provide 24-hour professional after-sales to help you solve any problems.
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FitBeast 2.2-Litre Water Bottle

Awaken Power, Awaken Yourself

  • The 2.2-litre water bottle is more sturdy and durable, and won’t deform at (0℉-212℉) water temperature.
  • Rugged And Durable: High-Quality Tritan safe materials (no odour and recyclable), which is tested for multiple anti-fall properties. 
  • The easy-to-drink lid joint is made of stainless steel needles, which is durable.

2.2L Large Capacity, Fully Hydrated

2.2L capacity, which is the average water requirement for the human body in a day. Easily measure your water intake with this 2.2 capacity water bottle.

Convenient To Carry To Anywhere

The strap for carrying the water cup has increased by 3 cm, making it more convenient to carry to the gym, training, hiking, travel, outdoor sport, home & office.

Elaborate Design:

FitBeast has a trapezoidal design on the handle of the 2.2l water bottles, which increases the space of the litre water bottle handle. Large Space For Grip, More Comfortable To Hold.

Safety Material, Odorless

The water cup made of Tritan which is certified by Eastman, and doesn’t contain BPA, BPS, and won’t harm your body.

Tightly Sealed, No Leaking

In order to prevent any leakage during drinking and carrying. FitBeast has made 3 leak-proof designs on the water cup lid, which makes it more tightly sealed.

What Can We Do ?

Protect Our Environment, Keep Drink Healthy Water

  • Protect The Environment: Reduce drinking bottled water, reduce plastic waste, to protect our global environment.
  • More Safety And Health: Using safe materials won’t harm your body. Large-capacity satisfy your healthy drinking for a day


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