Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards

  • ✔ THICKER and MORE DURABLE — 1.3MM, THICKER and MORE DURABLE than the similar product on the market. No need to worry about leaving a knife mark or cutting through the cutting boards. You can cut different types of food with different cutting board to avoid mixing the taste of the food. This preserves the original taste of the food. Hygienic and food safe,wonderful life.
  • ✔ PREVENT CROSS-CONTAMINATION — Set of 4 Color coded plastic cutting board sheets. 6 colorful food icons for different food items including fish, meat, vegetables, fruits. Perfectly avoids cross-contamination and gives your family healthier meals everyday.Made of premium quality FDA APPROVED FOOD GRADE MATERIAL, 100% BPA FREE, perfect partner for modern and clean kitchen.
  • ✔ SO EASY TO USE and MORE SLIP RESISTANT — Sized 15″×12″, lightweight, suitable for most kitchen counter tops. Easy to use, chop, store and hang due to its easy-grip hole design. The densely dotted back design makes it more stable than other crosshatch texture cutting mats board, won’t slip around when keeping the counter surface dry. Dishwasher friendly.
  • ✔ EASY TO USE — Lightweight, hanging hole design, dishware safe(<90 ℃) Lightweight: 400g for the set of 4 chopping boards. Easy to carry, suitable for outdoor use and travel use. Hanging hole design: Easier to take, pull and hang. Tips: after using it, water clean and keep it in a dry and ventilated place. Use every day!
  • ✔ MORE FLEXIBLE — Each cutting board (12×15 in) is easy to store and curl to a certain angle, which is helpful to pour the chopped food directly and quickly into the wok or other utensils. which is helpful to pour the chopped food directly and quickly into the wok or other container. Moreover, no need to worry about making the knife dull.

Chopping Boards


✔ Still using your old and worn, cut-up chopping boards? Most experts recommend replacing plastic mats every two years. When a sponge or dishcloth snags on the board, or your knife skips over deep cuts, it’s time for a new one. Your family’s health is too important!

✔ YFCXKPLP Extra Thick Plastic Cutting Board Mats are perfect for all your kitchen needs.

✔A good cutting board or chopping block is a kitchen essential. Not only will it protect your countertops, but will also make food prep safer and easier to clean up.

✔ Keep your counters safe while preparing meals with this 3-piece versatile cutting board set designed to make meal prep easier, cleaner and more efficient.

✔ That’s why we created YFCXKPLP Cutting Boards,  BPA-free plastic cutting board set that gives you more cutting versatility and efficiency that’s cleaner, safer and better for daily food prep.

✔ Ideal for chopping, slicing, and shredding foods. Great for any kitchen, restaurants, bars, outdoors, picnic or camping. might even use these on the International Space Station, due to their small and compact size.

Completely Avoid Cross Contamination

✔ Color Coded Design: Green for vegetables; Red for meat; Blue for fish; Yellow for fruit; Orange for chicken; Purple for bread. To use our cutting boards is helpful to keep the food authentic and avoid mixing food flavors caused by mixing cutting board to cut food.


So remember to wash with clean water every time you use the cutting board, then dry it with a soft cloth or dry it in a ventilated place.

If there is slightly curl after dishwasher, put it into boiling water and take out immediately, lay it flat on the counter top.


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