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This Extra Life was founded in January 2020 by me, Louise O’Boyle, a fitness fanatic on a mission to lose fat.

After spending many years following so called ‘gurus’ and the occasional fad diet, ultimately resulting in an unhealthy cycle of yo-yo dieting or complete failure to drop the extra pounds, I decided to grab my health goals by the reins.

I came to the conclusion that the methods I had tried before simply did not work, no matter how promising the plethora of before and after photos looked.

Undertaking The Body Coach 90 Day Plan and later The Body Coach Graduate Plan, I realised that the only way to really achieve my health and fitness goals was to turn my approach and change my mindset. I knuckled down and committed to a regime of healthy eating and consistent exercise to drop a staggering 40lbs of fat and in the process, I gained a whole lot of life.

About This Extra Life

Feeling happy, healthy and more confident than ever before, I started This Extra Life to share tried and tested information to help women the world over to improve their fitness, lead a healthy lifestyle and to motivate them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Everybody is different but we all share one common goal; to be the best versions of ourselves! This is the ethos of This Extra Life.

During my fitness journey, I scoured the internet looking for answers to the many common questions I had. The problem was that this could take hours to find the right resources and answers to my questions. More often than not, I had to navigate past the same ‘quick fixes’ that didn’t work in the first place. This certainly was not time-efficient or conducive to a busy, active life.

Birth of This Extra Life

About this extra life

I decided that one online resource that held all the accurate answers would be the perfect solution. It would save time for busy women the world over and get to the nitty-gritty details of some of the most important questions women typically have when looking to improve their health and fitness. Most importantly, such a resource would help to make a health and fitness goal more sustainable in the long term for many women.

The idea was there, but to do this effectively, I knew she needed a platform to reach far and wide. Therefore, This Extra Life was born.

A celebration of health, fitness, delicious recipes and important nutritional information all in one place.

About This Extra Life’s Mission

This Extra Life is dedicated to your health and fitness. I’m bringing you news, features, blogs and much more that make it easier for you to look and feel better day in, day out.

Entertaining: I’m not here to badger you into eating your five a day or give out to you for skipping a workout. Health and fitness should be fun and is never something to feel guilty about.

Easy: I’m providing simple solutions and easy to digest information to some of the more complicated questions.

Delicious: I LOVE food. I love eating healthy and I love sharing the most delicious recipes with you.

Real: Ran by a real-life woman, for real women. My reviews are detailed, specific and honest – I separate what works from what doesn’t. I cover real-life journeys on diet and fitness programmes, along with workout regimes that have been proven to work.

Top Sources: While I may not be an expert on every aspect of health and fitness, I rigorously check my sources to make sure I am providing the most accurate and well-informed advice to you.

About This Extra Life’s Motivation and Support

Regardless of where you are on your health and fitness journey, This Extra Life is with you every step of the way. I’m all about women motivating and supporting other women to reach their full potential.

I’m here to educate, help, assist, motivate and encourage you to help you make a long term lifestyle change that switches your approach to health, fitness, nutrition and life itself.

I love seeing everyone succeed on their journey and I’m in full favour of celebrating the wins, but I’m also here when things are a bit of a struggle. I’ll pick you up, dust you off and get you back on track with your goals!


We all know life can get in the way sometimes and throw a few curveballs, but you don’t have to wade through the dark on your own.

When you think about This Extra Life, I want you to think about an amazing community of like-minded women from all different walks of life with at least one overall goal in common. To improve their health and fitness and to build a better lifestyle. A community of people supporting each other, raising each other up and pushing each other to keep going.

I hope you can find the information you find on This Extra Life incredibly useful and easy to follow. I aim to boost lasting friendships and create a support network as part of my dedicated resource to health, fitness, and nutrition.

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