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The Body Coach 90 Day Plan Review

Are you thinking of joining The Body Coach 90 Day Plan but want to know what it’s really like before you accept the challenge? Find out everything you need to know about The Body Coach 90 Day Plan right here. I’m giving my honest review of the plan – the good, the bad and the downright ugly – so that you will know exactly what to expect throughout your 90 day plan.

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The Body Coach 90 day plan review
The Body Coach 90 day plan review

The Body Coach 90 Day Plan was designed by Joe Wicks to save serial yo-yo dieters from unhealthy fad and restrictive diets.

The 90 Day Plan promotes healthy eating and consistent exercise using high-intensity interval training, in other words, HIIT workouts. Before getting too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the man behind the plan; Joe Wicks.

Who Is Joe Wicks?

Joe Wicks The Body Coach, has been sharing inspirational healthy recipes on Instagram and easy to follow workout videos on YouTube since 2014.

He began his career as a teaching assistant when he completed his degree in Sports Science, before becoming a personal trainer then later transitioning to an online fitness coach.

Joe Wicks The Body Coach

In 2015 Joe Wicks released his first recipe book “Lean In 15: 15 Minute Meals” featuring healthy meals that anyone can cook at home. His easy meals that can be cooked in 15 minutes or less appealed to many people across the world which lead to Lean In 15 becoming a bestseller.

Since 2015, Joe Wicks has released a further nine recipe books featuring healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. All of which can be prepped in advance, batch cooked or made in under 30 minutes.

Birth Of The 90 Day Plan

Joe’s initial success on Instagram and YouTube lead him to create The SSS Plan which tied into his Lean In 15 recipe books. The aim of the SSS Plan was to enable you to lose fat, shape your body and sustain your weight loss.

With the success of the Lean In 15 books came a revamped version specifically tailored for individuals who signed up to the 90 Day SSS Plan. The aim was the same – to shift, shape and sustain, but this time each person who took on the 90 day challenge received a recipe pack detailing their specific requirements.

Idea 1

This proved to be a hit for Joe Wicks and the thousands of people who signed up to transform their bodies. Thus, The 90 Day Plan grew in popularity over the years.

The 90 Day Plan has been revamped a few times based on use feedback and improvements in technology since its initial creation. In late 2019 early 2020 the new style version of The 90 Day Plan was released (which is the plan I joined and have reviewed below).

In December 2020, The Body Coach App was released for Apple devices. An Android version is on the way but it likely won’t be released until late Summer 2021.

Deciding To Sign Up To The New 90 Day Plan

I have always been on the larger side and standing at 5 foot 2, I was short and mostly round. For the most part, I averaged around a UK 14 until a few years back when I started putting weight on gradually over time. It’s very easily done and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

In late 2019, I finally had enough. I was fast approaching if not already wearing a UK size 18 which is the largest I have ever been and I just felt uncomfortable in my body.

I stopped wearing clothes that I used to love because I was more focused on covering up my flab. If anyone mentioned anything weight-related, not even specifically about me just in general, I’d feel myself tensing up and becoming even more insecure.

I didn’t even want my husband looking at me because I thought how could he find me in any way desirable. I didn’t feel desirable and I honestly thought he could do better and deserved better.

I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling and looking like this and I knew that if I didn’t make some sort of a change then it would only get worse and I’d end up being miserable forever.

So I set myself a goal at the beginning of 2020 to focus on my health and fitness and to get in better shape. Not just for me, but so that my husband might have a chance of getting the old me – or maybe more so a new and improved version of the old me.

This was NOT a New Year’s Resolution

Mainly because I always break them! But it was something I actively wanted to work on this year.

Setting A Goal

On 1st January 2020, I set a goal of losing around 20 – 25kgs. Maybe not necessarily all in 2020 but this was my overall goal. I tipped the scales at a massive 85kg, which being 5 foot 2 put me well into the obese category so I definitely had the weight to lose.

At this point, I wasn’t entirely sure how I would go about losing weight. I knew of Joe Wicks and The 90 Day Plan. I had been following him for years. I also attempted the plan back in 2017 but fell off halfway through cycle 2 (as a lot of people do) due to a number of reasons and life just getting pretty heavy at that point.

goal 1

I also wasn’t a fan of eating a kilogram of spinach each week which was close to what I ate when I did the plan in 2017 and honestly, I didn’t have the money to throw away on something that I may not complete again.

Off To A Shaky Start

So I did a little research and initially decided to track my calories in MyFitnessPal and cut out the foods that I knew weren’t doing me any favours. Like the tubs of pringles, multi-packs of crisps, and highly processed convenience foods. I also reduced my intake of fizzy drinks and tried to limit my intake of coffee.

I say tried because I need coffee in my life and I knew there was no way I was giving it up completely.

I knew that in order to achieve my goal of losing 20 – 25kgs I would need to include exercise in my life. I had always enjoyed Joe Wicks’ workouts on YouTube so I started doing some of his HIIT workouts at home.

I hadn’t worked out properly in quite a while – probably since 2017 – so I thought that I’d start with some of his beginner workouts to try and build some sort of fitness level again. And so that I didn’t injure myself.

Downsides Of Using MyFitnessPal

I didn’t know anything about how to calculate my basal metabolic rate, total daily energy expenditure or calorie deficit. So I plugged all of my information into MyFitnessPal and allowed the app to suggest my intake for me.

The problem with MyFitnessPal is that it places a lot of people on a 1200 calorie intake per day.

Little did I realise that the app expects you to eat back the calories you burn during exercise. Massive facepalm on my part.

Although I had lost 5kgs towards the end of January 2020, I found that restricting myself to 1200 calories per day was making me utterly MISERABLE!

I was constantly hungry, I had little to no energy and my mood was prickly at best. Please take pity on my poor husband!

I recognised that I couldn’t go on like this. It was not sustainable. I knew I had to change tactics so something that was healthier and would actually help me learn how I should fuel my body properly.

Signing Up To The Body Coach 90 Day Plan

As I mentioned, I’d been following The Body Coach workouts on YouTube. I have also followed Joe Wicks on Facebook since 2017.

Just when I needed it, the Facebook algorithm gods provided and I happened to see an add for the new style 90 Day Plan with a cheeky discount attached.

Although I was wary of the sheer amount of spinach involved, I knew the new 90 day plan would help me achieve my goals. Even though I fell off on Cycle 2 when I attempted the 90 day plan in 2017, I did see good results from cycle 1. However, I wanted to put a good amount of thought into purchasing the plan. I didn’t have the money to throw away and most importantly, I did not want to be a failure. Twice.

I thought about it for a week. I talked it over with the husband and then I decided to go for it but I wanted to make sure I completed the plan this time around. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to get fitter. And I wanted to be a 90 day plan graduate.

Kindly, hubby agreed to give me a nudge (huge boot up the backside) if he felt I was giving in to temptation and reverting back to old habits.

motivation 1

He has been an absolutely massive support to me over the last few months. I was determined to make a positive change to my lifestyle. However, it was helpful to have someone to check me if I slipped.

So at the end of January I began my Body Coach 90 Day Plan journey.

Filling In The Body Coach 90 Day Plan Questionnaire

When you sign up to the Body Coach 90 Day Plan you’ll have to fill in a questionnaire. This covers the basics of your current stats such as your weight, measurements, eating habits and if you wish, your starting pictures.

Some people have guessed their weight and measurements which is NOT advisable because your recipes will be tailored to your specific caloric needs. If you guess any of these figures there is a chance you will not be eating the correct amounts. You could end up in too much of a calorie deficit, or in a calorie surplus which could see you gain weight while on the plan.

If you haven’t got a set of scales already then I recommend these Bluetooth scales that calculate a range of metrics useful for the Body Coach plan. You will also need a body measuring tape to measure your arms, legs, chest, waist and hips.

When I signed up at the end of January, I submitted all of my metrics to the Body Coach team. Although I had lost 5 kg already (which I suspect a fair amount of that was water weight) I was pretty horrified with the figures.

BUT I was determined that this would be the last time I would be this size.

The Body Coach 90 Day Plan Review

What is the body coach 90 day plan

The aim of cycle one is reminiscent of the original 90 Day SSS Plan. To shift fat. To shape your body and to sustain your progress.

Cycle one promotes a cleaner diet, improved cardiovascular health with HIIT workouts and boosting your metabolism to encourage fat loss.

I was excited to start cycle one. It was quite different from when I first attempted the plan in 2017.

There is a greater variety of meals with much easier instructions. The ingredients for the most part are more budget-friendly. Although the first shop will always cost more because you’ll need to stock up on certain things like protein powders, herbs and spices, eggs, yoghurt and of course peanut butter.

The workouts are also a lot more interesting than my previous attempt. It’s clear to see that Joe Wicks has really honed his plans and pays attention to the feedback he receives.

Joe Wicks Workout Plan

If you’ve read any of my other articles on This Extra Life, you’ll know I am a big advocate of HIIT workouts.

I personally find HIIT workouts to be the perfect form of exercise for me. They can be done at home without the need for a gym membership which is a win for anyone who is self-conscious. Although, if you are a bit of a gym bunny, you can easily knock out a HIIT workout at the gym too.

Cycle One

Cycle One focuses on HIIT workouts as the main forms of exercise. The only equipment you will need for cycle one workouts is a good exercise mat, suitable trainers, activewear and a supportive sports bra.

Included in your plan you will receive links to 5 brand new exclusive workouts on YouTube. These links are only available to those who have purchased the plan. The workouts are in HIIT form and feature a mix of cardio and bodyweight exercises lasting 25 minutes long.

My advice is to try all five workouts in the first week. Some may be easier than others but this is all dependant on how much intensity you put into your workouts. It doesn’t necessarily matter in which order you do the workouts but I would recommend starting with workout one as this covers the basics to make sure you start with the correct form.

The workouts are similar to the routines I followed on YouTube before I purchased the new plan. They have been designed in such a way that will allow a novice to complete the routines, but also provide a challenge to those more experienced in regular exercise.

Again, the difficulty and intensity of the workout comes down to how much effort you are putting into the exercises.

The one thing I do love about The Body Coach workouts is that Joe will talk you through and demonstrate how you should perform each exercise. He will also suggest modified exercises if you struggle with mobility. This is great for people who are new to exercise and maybe aren’t as fit as others.

Cycle Two

The workouts on Cycle Two introduce weighted exercises. This will increase the intensity of the exercises to help you to build lean muscle and shape your body.

There are five different workouts on Cycle Two ranging in intensity which are all approx. 30 minutes long.

Aside from workout one, which is designed to get your body used to lifting weights with correct form, the workouts include a mixture of cardio, bodyweight and weighted exercises to target each muscle group.

Examples of the weighted exercises include weighted lunges, squats, bicep curls and shoulder presses.

I was very fortunate that I planned ahead and bought two sets of adjustable weights when I signed up for the plan in January. I knew that weights would be introduced in Cycle two and I liked the idea of having a lighter set and heavier set of weights.

The lighter set of weights came in handy for exercises like the shoulder press and thrusters as I am certainly not used to lifting weight above my head. The heavier set I typically used for bicep curls, squats and lunges.

I also realised that over time I will be increasing the weights that I lift and I didn’t want to spend more money frequently. I also didn’t have the storage space for multiple sets of weights.

I found the workouts to be a slight step up from cycle one but they were very much enjoyable. I loved being able to lift weights and increase the weight each week. I started Cycle Two lifting 3kg on each hand and finished lifting 8kg on each hand.

Cycle Three

You’ll receive another five exclusive workouts in Cycle Three that feature weight training, bodyweight exercises and the introduction of tabata. The workouts would be at the more advanced level but the exercises can be modified if you’re not quite there yet.

There are two cheeky challenges to further push your new found fitness abilities:

  • A two-minute burpee challenge where you should count how many burpees you are able to complete in the two minutes, each time you do the workout.
  • A two-minute plank challenge

The workout duration increases to 35 minutes however, it’s not really a noticeable increase in time and will still easily fit around a busy lifestyle.

90 Day Plan Nutrition

As with any diet plan, one of the key things to address is nutrition.

The main core of the 90 Day Plan is nutritious meals that are tailored to your specific caloric intake. You don’t have to worry about counting calories and in fact, you don’t actually get the calories or macros for any of the meals included in your plan.

If this is something that you’re interested in then of course you can input your meals into MyFitnessPal and track your calories if you so wish. It’s not necessary but it can be helpful to educate yourself on the macro values of each of the meals.

I actually did this throughout the plan. I didn’t feel bad about eating foods that may be higher in calories because the plan encourages a varied diet and takes your overall calories for the week into account rather than daily targets.

Meal Planning

To ensure you do keep a varied diet and avoid eating the same meals too often, it’s important to plan your meals for the week and devote a day or two to meal prep.

Before blindly meal prepping, it’s worthwhile spending around 30 minutes planning what you’ll have for the week. I found this magnetic weekly planner to be very useful. I stuck it to my fridge door so I could easily see what I was making (and it also helped me stay on track and avoid excess snacking when I was bored).


Eating Habits

The Body Coach’s approach to food may be different from other diets. The main focus being lower carbohydrate meals as a general rule, and eating a meal higher in carbohydrates after your workout.

Cycle One

On cycle one you will follow the methods below:

Training days:

  • two reduced carbohydrate meals
  • one carbohydrate refuel meal after a workout
  • two snacks to be eaten at any time

Rest days:

  • three reduced carbohydrate meals
  • two snacks

It’s important to remember that this is a LOW carb plan, not a NO carb plan. Carbs are an important element of a healthy diet and shouldn’t be vilified.

During your workout your body’s glycogen stores are used as a fuel source. Therefore, eating carbs after your workout helps to replenish your glycogen levels.

For me, adapting to this way of eating wasn’t too difficult because I had cleaned up my diet in January and I was delighted that I wasn’t starving myself anymore. I was happy to be eating food that tasted amazing and provided the right amount of fuel without leaving me feeling bloated.

I didn’t really notice any difference in energy levels by reducing my carb intake. However, I did notice how light I felt by eating healthy nutritious food.

Cycle Two

Unlike Cycle one, in cycle two you will be eating more carbohydrate refuel meals.

Training Days:

  • two carbohydrate refuel meals
  • one reduced carbohydrate meal
  • two snacks

Rest days:

  • three reduced carbohydrate meals
  • two snacks

You might be wondering why you increase your carbohydrate meals in cycle two. There are a couple of reasons for the increase in carb meals. By introducing weights, your body will burn more calories, and in turn, will need to consume more glycogen to enhance muscle building. Cycle Two also tests how your body responds to using either fat or carbohydrates as a fuel source.

Cycle Three

In Cycle three, you will choose how you would like to eat based on how your body responded to the increase in carbohydrate refuel meals in Cycle Two.

Training days:

  • one or two carbohydrate refuel meals
  • one reduced carbohydrate meal
  • two snacks

Rest days:

  • three reduced carbohydrate meals
  • two snacks

The plan aims to teach you to listen to your body and the choice is based on how your body reacted to the increasing carbohydrates in Cycle two.

I decided to revert back to one carb refuel meal after a workout on Cycle three. I didn’t feel sluggish, like a lot of people had reported, but I was more intrigued to find out how my body would respond to weight training on lower carbs and to see if this would help me burn more fat.

Body Coach Recipes

As I mentioned, the 90 Day Plan encourages a varied diet. To help you with this, you’ll receive a variety of delicious recipes and snacks.

You will also receive key ingredients and quantities to create your own meals if you want to be more adventurous.

Below is my favourite meals from The 90 Day Plan.

Cycle One Reduced Carb Recipes

  • Peanut Butter & Jam Smoothie
  • Coconut Granola
  • Seeded Peanut Butter Cookies
  • New York Style Steak & Eggs
  • Spanish Shakshuka
  • Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl
  • Lamb Kebabs With Tzatziki
  • Chicken Jalfrezi

Cycle Two Reduced Carb Recipes

  • Almond & Honey Pancakes
  • Chocolate & Coconut Smoothie
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Eggs Royale
  • Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box
  • Chilli Beef Nachos
  • Thai Carrot Soup

Cycle Three Reduced Carb Recipes

  • Avocado & Berry Smoothie
  • Croque Monsieur
  • Cherry Bakewell Smoothie
  • Chia & Almond Bowl
  • Chimichurri Steak & Grilled Vegetables
  • Mega BLT
  • Chicken Satay
  • Low Carb Beef Lasagne
  • Chicken, Mushroom & Broccoli Bake
  • Prawn & Coconut Curry

Cycle One Carb Refuel Recipes

  • Apple Bircher Museli
  • Full English Frittata
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Cowboy Beans & Egg
  • Overnight Oats
  • Spicy Chicken Pizza
  • Chicken Caesar Bagel

Cycle Two Carb Refuel Recipes

  • Breakfast Pizza
  • Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffins
  • Indonesian Stir Fry
  • Mixed Bean Chilli
  • Black Bean Quesadillas
  • Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

Cycle Three Carb Refuel Recipes

  • Chilled Rice Pudding With Raspberry Jam
  • Caramelised Apple French Toast
  • Greek Breakfast Toast
  • Japanese Pancakes With Peaches
  • Sausage, Hash Brown & Egg Muffin
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza

Water Intake

So here’s the thing. Water is very important for a healthy diet and weight loss. It helps your body to function, helps to repair your muscles after intense workouts and can help to suppress your appetite.

I’ll be bluntly honest, before starting the plan I lived on coffee and Pepsi Max. I rarely drank water because I found it so bland. Naturally, as I had been consuming so many artificial sweeteners.

However, when I realised how important water was, I cut out the sugary drinks completely. I also reduced my coffee intake to one cup per day. Which for a coffee lover whose day job is working for one of the biggest coffee retailers in the UK, this was a pretty astounding achievement.

As part of the plan you will be given a certain amount of water to drink per day and it is crucial that you try to drink this amount each day to help with all the things I mentioned above.

It may seem like a lot to drink in a day on top of other beverages like tea and coffee but it can be done. I highly recommend investing in a water bottle like this one, to help you keep track of your daily intake.

My water allowance for cycle one was 3 litres per day and I smashed it. At first it was a bit of a struggle and I did miss the fizzy drinks but after a week I found myself craving water a lot more.

Don’t worry if you find it hard at first, you will adjust and you will notice the difference in your appetite, your skin and oddly, even your sleep.

In Cycle Two your water intake may increase or decrease depending on the measurements you submit at the end of cycle one. Although my water intake decreased to 2.75L, I continued to drink 3L per day as my body had gotten used to it.

The Body Coach Swaps Tool

When the lockdown came into force on 23rd March, I was midway through Cycle Two. At times it was difficult to find certain ingredients but I managed to stick as close to the plan as I could. When I needed to, I swapped out some ingredients to those with similar macro (fat, protein and carb) values.

This is when the body coach swap tool became particularly helpful! It’s a fantastic tool available on The Body Coach site to help you swap certain ingredients for those with similar macro makeups.

Staying Motivated On The Body Coach 90 Day Plan

When the lockdown was brought into effect, I was furloughed like many others throughout the UK.

I am a creature of routine, so losing my normal weekday routine threw me a little. For the first few days, I was completely out or sorts, I struggled to fit all my meals in but I continued to workout.

Admittedly, my struggle with meals was not because I was too full, it was because I lost my rhythm and ‘set time’ to eat.

However, I realised that life will throw a curveball when least expected. Therefore, I needed to put in a little extra effort to stay on track or I’d lose all my progress so far.

So I put my big girl pants on and continued. I completed Cycle Two, which was further than I managed to get back in 2017.

I was delighted with myself if I’m honest. There were a lot of factors that threw me off course in 2017 but here I was in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic. Where half the world (if not more) has been locked down. And although there was most definitely a wobble, I was able to get my act into gear and go further than before. This to me was a mini achievement, or NSV (non scale victory) to say the least.

Did I Stay On Plan 100%?

Ok, so I’m going to be honest. For cycle one I gave up everything. I didn’t take a sip of alcohol. I didn’t eat anything that I shouldn’t and I was on plan 100%. At the end of the cycle one, before starting cycle two I realised that I don’t want to give up everything completely and for eternity.

I decided that if this is going to be sustainable in the long term then I do want to have the odd treat. Not too often but now and again.

I decided that I would have one treat meal between cycles and if I wanted to have a drink, I would have one, but not necessarily the entire bottle because I didn’t want to ruin my progress because drinking too much alcohol does impact your ability to lose weight.

If I decided I didn’t want a treat meal, that was fine. I tried to avoid the idea that food is a reward.

The Body Coach 90 Day Plan Review: Results

I started out at the beginning of January aiming to lose between 20 to 25 kgs as my overall goal. I was at my heaviest of 85 kgs and only standing at 5ft 2in, I was basically short and round.

During the month of January, I managed to lose 5kgs on my own by restricting myself to a miserable 1200 calorie diet. I knew this could never be sustainable and I had to find a better way to achieve my goals. Luckily I took the plunge and bought the 90 day plan.

down 1

In total, throughout the 90 day plan, I lost 6kgs. It doesn’t sound like an awful lot compared to some others who have completed the plan. However, everybody is different. Everyone will respond differently and I am delighted to have lost 6kgs bringing me down to 74kgs at graduation.

What is probably more impressive is that I lost 24 inches across my body.

I still have a journey ahead of me for some time yet but this marathon has been made much easier by completing the 90 day plan and learning so much about exercise and nutrition. The Body Coach 90 Day Plan has given me much more than I could ever have hoped for. I have the tools I need to carry on with my mission.

What Have I Learned On The Body Coach 90 Day Plan?

I’ve learned quite a lot by doing The Body Coach 90 day plan. A lot that I never even anticipated.

Make It Fun

I learned that exercise can be fun, but most importantly if you want to make lasting changes you have to find a routine that you enjoy doing otherwise it becomes a chore.

I loved how Joe Wicks really does make his workouts a lot of fun and it almost feels like you’re working out with a mate. He takes the time in between exercises to explain how you should do certain exercises which is very helpful for people new to working out.

Importance Of Meal Prepping And Variety

I never truly appreciated the importance of meal prepping to help you stay on track with your weight loss until I did the Body Coach plan. It can seem like a daunting task initially but you will get into the swing of things and it becomes much easier.

Not to mention having something prepped and ready to be cooked or reheated really will save you from opening the food delivery apps when you just can’t be bothered!

I also love the variety of meals included in the 90 Day Plan.

I did feel a little more adventurous towards the end and splurged out on Joe Wicks’ new books to have a wider range of healthy recipes to choose from.

I love the recipes in The Fat Loss Plan and The 30 Day Kick Start Plan. They are simple and easy to make but taste absolutely delicious.

It’s All About Your Mindset

One of the biggest things for me has been a change in mindset.

Before starting the plan, if I had a bad day, I would have ‘treated’ myself with a takeaway and a little too much booze. Plus probably all the crisps known to man.

Now, I realise that I can still do those things but it won’t actually make me feel any better. Sometimes I still enjoy the odd drink or takeaway but it’s not my crutch. And it’s not a frequent occurrence.

Having A Goal To Focus On

The 90 Day Plan, and exercising, really have focused my mind throughout this pandemic. Rather than worry about all the awful things going on in the world, I have something positive to look forward to each day.

I hate to use the cliche, but the 90 day plan has been a life-changing experience for me. Although I may not be exactly where I want to be right now I am making positive moves towards my goal. I really have never felt better in my life and it’s all thanks to the 90 day plan.

The 90 Day Plan Is Not For Everyone

Ok, so anyone can sign up to the 90 Day Plan but not everyone will graduate.

This plan, like many others requires commitment and consistency. It requires you to put in the effort to achieve the results you want.

If you are willing to stick to the meal plan, exercise consistently (three to five times per week) and drink all the water you have been allocated you will achieve your goal.

If you’re looking for a quick fix weight loss or diet plan then The 90 Day Plan isn’t for you. Chances are, if you’re like me, you will have steadily put weight on over a long period of time so it will take time to lose that weight.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

You may have seen all the wonderful transformations on The Body Coach social media channels and they are truly magnificent.

Many people have experienced shocking transformations and well done to them. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider in this such as genetic makeup, how strictly they followed the plan, what their meal plan looked like and did they do any additional exercise such as getting 10,000 steps per day.

I am in no way trying to insinuate these transformations are not realistic or possible for you. I am trying to get across the importance of setting realistic expectations.

For instance, if like me, you’re starting the plan with 60 lbs to lose, you may not reach your target in 90 days. You may not even reach your target in 180 days, or 365 days. That’s OK.


Every body reacts differently.

Don’t lose hope, don’t get disheartened. Keep going until you’re there.

It’s Not Always About Weight Loss

The 90 Day Plan is of course a plan to help you transform your body and to teach you how to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, it’s not always about weight loss.

There are many benefits to mental health that the plan can give you.

By eating healthy food, exercising, getting good sleep, and drinking plenty of water you may notice improvements in your mental health and body confidence.

What’s next? The Body Coach Graduate Plan

When I graduated from The 90 Day Plan I thought about what I would do next. I had learned so much from The 90 Day Plan but I was a little frightened of going it alone in case I fell off the wagon again.

I did consider changing to a different plan but I liked Joe and I got used to his methods.

After a bit of research into my other options and also asking some Body Coach Graduates, I decided to continue my journey with the Body Coach Graduate Plan.

Find out my experience of Cycle four of the Graduate Plan, and Cycle Five of the Graduate Plan and don’t forget to follow my journey on Instagram: @wannabeleanie

Have you started The Body coach 90 Day Plan? Are you thinking about it and have any questions? Drop me a comment below.

The Body Coach 90 day plan review
The Body Coach 90 day plan review

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