2000 Burpees for Bone Cancer Research Trust

2000 Burpees – Bone Cancer Research Trust!

The Bone Cancer Research Trust offers hope to those affected by primary Bone Cancer. They are the only charity dedicated to funding research and offering support for this disease. In November 2020 I completed 2000 burpees to raise funds for this amazing Charity. Find out more about the 2000 Burpee Challenge and the Bone Cancer Research Trust here.

On 18th October 2020, I graduated from The Body Coach Graduate Plan. I was on top of the world and I was so proud that I had taken my fitness levels up a notch.

I wanted to celebrate in a way that would help others and I also wanted to put my fitness to the test.

I signed up for the 2000 Burpee Challenge taking place in November 2020 which was for a truly amazing cause – Bone Cancer Research Trust.

2000 Burpees Challenge

When I graduated from The Body Coach Graduate Plan, I was on cloud nine but I didn’t want to waste any time in finding my next challenge. Nor did I want to slowly slip back into old habits. Especially with Christmas around the corner and all the goodies that typically brings.

I had a few thoughts in mind such as trying out some different workouts on Youtube or indeed finally going it alone. But then I received a recommendation from another Body Coach Grad who suggested the 2000 Burpee Challenge.

I got to work researching the challenge and how I could fit this into my weekly routine. I realised by doing the 2000 Burpee challenge I could raise much-needed funds for a brilliant charity that are doing remarkable work to help people suffering from this horrendous disease.

Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of burpees. I didn’t loathe them as much as I did when I first started The Body Coach 90 Day Plan but I would say they were low down on my list of favourite exercises.

However, I reminded myself of why I signed up and put my big girl pants on.

Preparing for the 2000 Burpees Challenge

Two weeks before beginning the challenge I decided that I would prepare my body for the increase of this high intensity full body exercise. I didn’t want to get a week in and injure myself or have DOMS for days.

I started by incorporating 50 burpees into my workouts for the first week then increasing to 100 burpees into my workouts for the second week.

I jumped between quick burpees and full chest to floor burpees just to make sure I had built enough stamina to see through an entire month.

Starting the 2000 Burpees Challenge

When it was time to begin the challenge – November 2020, I had found the winning formula for me. Incorporating 100 burpees into my workout routine. This allowed me to complete the challenge but also have varied workouts that would challenge different muscle groups and burn more calories.

At first I was still following workouts from The Body Coach YouTube channel but pausing the videos to complete 5, 10 or 20 burpees between each exercise.

After the first week, I actually got fed up with pausing the video so I decided to create my own workouts following the formula of burpees between each exercise, or every third exercise.

I created these workouts in a range of difficulty – beginner, intermediate and advanced – so that I would have a choice depending on my energy levels on any day. I also incorporated weighted exercises to keep building muscle and definition. And because I love lifting weights.

I found this to be much more interesting as I was able to put on some motivating music in the background and I didn’t have to keep breaking my attention to pause a video.

How I completed the 2000 Burpees Challenge

I completed the 2000 Burpees Challenge by incorporating 100 burpees into each exercise, 5 days per week. For me, this was an achievable approach and I didn’t want the challenge to feel like a chore by the end of November.

I completed the challenge on 27th November 2020 and the final donations I raised came to £287!

I am so blessed to have such generous donors giving their money to such an amazing cause, especially when Christmas was coming up and many people were trying to save for their spending during December.

By the end of the challenge, I grew to appreciate burpees a lot more. I felt fitter and more confident in my abilities.

I learned to keep pushing when I really just wanted to give up but I kept reminding myself of why I decided to do the challenge in the first place; to raise funds for Bone Cancer Research trust.

About Bone Cancer Research Trust

Bone cancer is a rare form of cancer which causes a tumour or abnormal mass to form in a bone. The tumour may be malignant, which is an aggressive form of cancer that spreads to other parts of the body.

Did you know that every 10 minutes someone – a child, teenager or adult – is diagnosed with Bone Cancer? They face a 5-year chance of survival at a little over 50%. If the disease is discovered late or has already progressed their chances of survival drop dramatically!

The Bone Cancer Research Trust was set up in 2004 by a group of families who had lost children and young people to primary bone cancer. They wanted to make information for bone cancer more accessible for everyone and tackle the lack of funding for research into the disease.

The families pooled funds they had already raised, and together with guidance from Professor Ian Lewis (Consultant Paediatrician and Adolescent Oncologist at St James’s University Hospital Leeds), the Bone Cancer Research Trust was registered in 2006.

Today, the Bone Cancer Research trust aims to fund research into all forms of primary bone cancer and ensure that hope, information and support are available to patients of all ages.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the only charity dedicated to fighting primary Bone Cancer through funding groundbreaking research, and life-saving awareness initiatives.

Funding The Bone Cancer Research Trust

The Bone Cancer Research Trust does not receive any government funding. They rely 100% on people like you and me to support their vital work through donations.

Although they receive an investment from the major UK Cancer Research Charities, their investment dropped by a massive 17% in 2019 to a total of £198,575.

Collectively the major Cancer Research charities spent over £700million on research last year, yet despite having some of the most brutal treatment regimes and poorest of outcomes, just 0.028% was spent on bone cancer!

Donating To The Bone Cancer Research Trust

With the support of people like you, last year alone The Bone Cancer Research Trust was able to commit an incredible £807,824 to pioneering and life-saving research. That’s over four times what all the major UK cancer research charities spent collectively.

Every contribution – large or small – could really make a difference in someone’s life. It may be a cliche, but every little helps.

Donations have ended for my fundraiser, but you can donate to Bone Cancer Research Trust here.

If you can’t donate right now, please share their page, follow them on social media and keep an eye out for upcoming challenges that you can do.

Have you done the 2000 Burpees Challenge? Let me know in the comments!

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